The Restorative Power of Martial Arts Conditioning

Does Martial Arts Conditioning Work?

It’s a fair question.  Martial arts conditioning is an important part of the Restore – EFSI philosophy.  We love it because it hits all four elements of Restore. Martial movements build strength, endurance, flexibility cognitive function, and mental health (inspiration).  Basically, it boosts your balance, brain and body.


The researchers in this review  of available studies concerning martial arts and balance found groups of young, middle aged and older adults all show improved balance with martial arts training. The assumption of these researchers is martial arts improves balance by enhancing an individual’s self awareness and physical abilities.  This focus on motor function and memory is one of the many benefits of martial arts conditioning.


Although science tells us that martial arts training improves cognitive function, it has yet to tell us why.  Take this 2015 study  which followed 3 groups of older adults.  One group continued their normal fitness activities, another group received group fitness instruction, and the third trained in martial arts.  Only the third group showed an improvement in cognitive function. This includes an improvement in both your reaction time and your ability to pay attention to more than one thing at a time (awareness).


Martial arts training is also a proven way to increase your physical capabilities. Take this 2004 study which found martial arts practitioners “displayed greater aerobic capacity, balance, flexibility, muscle endurance, and strength, and less body fat” than their counterparts who did not exercise.  In short, martial arts can be great exercise all on its own. Combine that with the effectiveness of interval training…and you have Restore.


Now that we’ve established a scientific basis for our opinion.  Let us tell you how we plan to make Restore work for you. By coordinating your limbs and muscles into a conditioned pattern with an intense output, we supplement our more conventional strength and endurance training.  We reinforce those muscles and keep that heart rate high. While we’re doing that, we’re improving your balance, coordination, cognitive function and confidence. You won’t even know it…because you’ll be having too much fun;)


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