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If you are reading this, you are headed in the right direction. No matter where your start point is, this article will help you on your fitness journey without boasting clichés or fad diets. Fitness can seem like a confusing world but we like to keep it simple at Restore. We have a few tips… Continue Reading

Does Martial Arts Conditioning Work? It’s a fair question.  Martial arts conditioning is an important part of the Restore – EFSI philosophy.  We love it because it hits all four elements of Restore. Martial movements build strength, endurance, flexibility cognitive function, and mental health (inspiration).  Basically, it boosts your balance, brain and body. Balance The… Continue Reading

There are a lot of thoughts around diet and nutrition out there.  It’s hard to know where to begin and it seems to be changing constantly.  Yet, the basics of a healthy diet are relatively simple, easily understood, and fairly consistent. Let’s start with what you’re eating and what it does.  Protein: there is more… Continue Reading