Remember how running felt when you were a kid? Swinging and jumping giving you the feeling you could fly?

Restore was developed by fitness and martial arts professionals who realized that strength and conditioning were only parts of a larger puzzle. Mobility, agility, coordination and flexibility are the missing pieces. We combined the best of interval training with mixed martial arts conditioning to do more than get you in shape.

We want you to fly.

A typical Restore session consists of a couple minute warm up (shadow box, jump rope…), group stretching, 30 minutes of strength and cardio (kettlebells, kickboxing…), and a 6-8 minute cool down (yoga, foam rolling).  We say typical Restore session because as you and our trainers get to know each other, they may want to throw in some surprises;)

We’re not big on long-term contracts and hidden fees.  Our pricing structure is straightforward.

$25 –  Restore Session

$125 – 6 Restore Sessions

$150 – Monthly Unlimited Membership

To purchase a class today or in the future, click the Schedule button on the header.

Restore offers 1:1 Personal Training with coaches who have a minimum of a decade of experience.  These sessions can be scheduled at your convenience by emailing an inquiry to restorefitness1@gmail.com.  Client confidentiality is a priority at Restore.



If you show up, we’ll do the rest.
Our program is tailored to the individual. You will work at the pace at which you are comfortable. Over time you will get faster, stronger, and better. We understand that intensity does not always yield results. Results come with time and consistency.

In order to be sustainable, your fitness regimen has to work with your life. This is why we developed a program where you will lose weight, build lean muscle and increase your flexibility, mobility and coordination in three fun 50 minute sessions a week.

In the fitness world, it is not uncommon to meet bodybuilders who perform pilates, yogis who enjoy crossfit, and barre fans hitting the weights. If you can find the time and you love these classes, that’s fantastic.

Make us a stop on your circuit. If you don’t have that kind of time and want to improve your cardiovascular, muscular, mental and joint health in 3 hours a week….#JUSTSHOWUP. No additional cross training is necessary.