3 Keys to a Successful Fitness Journey

If you are reading this, you are headed in the right direction. No matter where your start point is, this article will help you on your fitness journey without boasting clichés or fad diets. Fitness can seem like a confusing world but we like to keep it simple at Restore. We have a few tips that will not only help you stay on your fitness path but you may even start to enjoy it.

Progress is defined as forward or onward movement toward a destination.  The destination for most of us is growth. We want to grow stronger, faster or simply become healthier. Growth is a key component to success in your fitness journey and in life.


What is Growth Mindset?


Fitness is just as much of a mental exercise as a physical one. Decades of research has been compiled by Carol Dweck Stanford Ph.D. which resulted in the form of Growth Mindset.

Most people have a fixed mindset; the idea that abilities and talents are set in stone. Dr. Dweck found that mindset greatly influences behavior. People with Growth Mindset are more likely to achieve because they believe that abilities can be developed with work. Steps that you can take towards growth mindset are mentally preparing to work for your results and visualizing success. Realize that you are not set in stone. You can learn and grow with the right mindset.


Find Your Why


There are 3 parts to a journey; the start, the effort and the destination. Your starting point is where you are at now. The most important questions to ask yourself is “Why am I here?” If you are on this fitness journey for any external reason most often, that reason is going to change or be insufficient in the long run. Sometimes “Life gets in the way” of goals that we want to accomplish. An important step to take at combating that phrase is having an internal answer to your Why.


When you have your purpose/ your why your behavior will change monumentally.


The example Why “I want to become healthier so I can live longer and have more time with my loved ones” will always beat the temporary reasons like “I am here because someone said I should” or “I want to look better for this person”. Temporary reasons will not be sufficient fuel for your journey.  Find your internal why. Make that permanent change in your life and hold onto it. Now that you have the mental and personal steps, it is time to take the physical one.


Just Show Up


You have the keys to succeed, now put them together. Show up, take that first step out, it will lead to more steps. When things don’t go as planned reflect on all the progress you have made. Keep taking steps and moving forward in your fitness journey. Put in the effort in and when it gets tough, remember your Why. Your Why will fuel you through the toughest of times. As your mindset grows so will you. As you grow closer towards your goals make new ones. Keep taking steps and enjoy the journey!

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